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    Conifer Specialties, Inc.

    Conifer Specialties, Inc., is a manufacturer of high-quality, natural food mixes. In May 2012 we introduced Crock-Pot® Delicious Dinners, inspired by customers’ favorite classic slow cooker recipes. These unique dry packaged dinners, combine time-honored cooking method, all-natural ingredients and convenience. It’s a quick and easy way to feed your family with an economical meal, exceptional flavor experience and good nutrition. Conifer markets a diverse range of premium products from its headquarters in Woodinville, WA., and has been celebrating the agricultural richness of the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years through its wide array of specialty foods. Conifer produces and markets under the brand names of Canterbury Naturals and Fisher Scones.

    Crock-Pot® Brand

    It all started in August of 1970 with a simple bean-cooker: a glazed brown crock liner, white steel housing and aluminum lid. The first expansion of the Crock-Pot® brand was a more comprehensive but practical cookbook, offering a variety of recipes for the bean-cooker. The brand then redesigned the product’s outer wrapper and added handles and a glass lid. By associating the crockery liner with its pot-like shape, out came the name Crock-Pot® slow cooker. This slow electric stoneware cooker introduced a new category of appliances to the trade in January 1971 and revolutionized the way Americans cooked for their families. A Crock-Pot® slow cooker combines old time principles to produce exceptional flavor, nutrition and economy cooking. Success breeds imitators, and Crock-Pot® slow cookers are no exception. You’ll see the word ‘crockpot’ and may presume it’s the original brand of slow cooker. But if it’s spelled ‘crockpot’ without a hyphen and ® then it’s not a Crock-Pot® slow cooker.
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